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Steiff Limited Editions

Steiff Tweety Pie 354670
Steiff Tweety Pie 354670 - view 1Steiff Tweety Pie 354670 - view 2

Steiff Tweety Pie 354670

teddy bear department Steiff Limited Editions

EAN number 354670

Tweety Pie. This famous LOONEY TUNES character is hand made by Steiff, in yellow and orange mohair and wears the Steiff famous gold-plated Button in Ear with white ear tag.

Limited edition of only 1500 pieces worldwide.

Size 16cm

Safety eyes

Synthetic filling

Comes boxed, together with a numbered certificate of authenticity

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Season launch: 2017

This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.


RRP £125.00

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Steiff Tweety Pie 354670
Ashby Bears proudly presents TWEETY PIE. When director Isadore “Fritz” Freleng was preparing a cartoon featuring Sylvester the cat, with a woodpecker whom Freleng had used in a previous short, he decided instead to use a little yellow bird, rather than the woodpecker, resulting in the short “Tweetie Pie” which went on to win an Academy Award. Once again an Oscar was wan for “Birds Anonymous” in which Sylvester (unsuccessfully) tries to give up chasing birds altogether, and joins a support group of cats with the same affliction. Tweety and Sylvester became an enduring hit comedy team. New characters were introduced to broaden the cat-chasing-bird formula including Granny (Tweety’s nearsighted owner). Tweety’s “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” innocent view of the world make the contradictory force of his actions hilarious. Neither malicious nor hostile, Tweety dispatches his predators with startling speed an a wallop that surprises and delights audiences.

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