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Steiff Toco Toucan 024467
Steiff Toco Toucan 024467 - view 1

Steiff Toco Toucan 024467

teddy bear department Steiff Classic Collection

EAN number 024467

Steiff Toco Toucan is made by hand, in the finest black, orange and white cuddly soft plush.

Safety eyes

non jointed

Size 28cm


Synthetic filling

CE Marked

Stainless steel Steiff Button in Ear

Steiff National Geographic Collection

Season launched Spring 2020

CE marked - Recommended for ages 3 to 103



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Steiff Toco Toucan 024467
Help us protect the diversity of species. The world is in a state of radical change and the number of species facing extinction is climbing. With this in mind, we partnered with National Geographic and created a special collection of plush toy animals in support of preserving biodiversity. The collection includes a wide variety of animals that were photographed by Joel Sartore for the National Geographic Photo Ark species preservation project. Your purchase is supporting a good cause! Proceeds from the sale of any National Geographic product support scientists, explorers and researchers from the National Geographic Society all over the world. The toucans home is in the topical forests of South America and this habitat is gradually being taken away. This is what Toco toucan wants to say. He wants to show how wonderfully pretty his species is and ask for understanding and protection. The fantastic bird made of cuddly soft plush fabric is 28 cm tall and stands on grey feet. A bean bag in his bottom gives him the necessary support. The typical long beak and the area around his eyes are coloured orange. The tip of his beak is black. The black toucan has a white breast. The colouring here and the black claws were perfectly reproduced using elaborate airbrush applications However marvellous and beautiful nature made him, Toco toucan is now ready for caring cuddles He also makes an excellent addition to a collection but can also convey his message on his own. That makes him an ideal gift for people who appreciate something special.

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