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Steiff Lambs and Sheep

Steiff Boecky Lamb 067440
Steiff Boecky Lamb 067440 - view 1

Steiff Boecky Lamb 067440

teddy bear department Steiff Classic Collection

EAN number 067440

Steiff Boecky Lamb is made by hand, in the finest white viscose (bamboo cellulose) and cotton.

Safety eyes

Non jointed

Size 35cm


100% polyester (stuffed with PES fibres made from recycled PET bottles)

CE Marked

Stainless steel Steiff Button in Ear

Steiff Cuddly Friends Collection

First launched Spring 2022

CE marked - Recommended for ages 3 to 140



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Steiff Boecky Lamb 067440
Teddies for Tomorrow Boecky lamb measures 35 cm tall and loves to frolic in the autumn breeze. He has a PET-polyester fibre filling and a cosy plush coat made from recycled PET bottles. His expressive face is made of short-pile, beige plush and features pink and brown airbrushing matching his brown eyes, dainty feet and distinctive lamb ears. These are pink on the inside, beautifully shaped and the left one comes with the unmistakable stainless steel "Button in Ear". It's a point of honour!

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