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Since 1880 Steiff have been at the forefront for teddy bears and animals. Founded by Margarete Steiff, her famous saying "For our children, only the best is good enough" remains as important today, as it did over a hundred years ago. We offer the entire range of Steiff bears, animals and gifts for baby, children and adult collectors worldwide.

Steiff New 2022 ReleasesSteiff New 2022 Releases

The 2022 Steiff Spring and Autumn releases are all listed here.

Steiff  2021 ReleasesSteiff 2021 Releases

The New Steiff Autumn 2021 Releases are listed here and available to order now.

Steiff 140th Anniversary PiecesSteiff 140th Anniversary Pieces

View the Steiff 140th Anniversary Pieces here!

Steiff Classic Teddy BearsSteiff Classic Teddy Bears

The entire range of Classic edition Steiff bears.

Steiff PandasSteiff Pandas
A favourite in everybody's eyes, these classic Panda Bears are hugely popular.

Steiff Limited EditionsSteiff Limited Editions

See the full range of white tag Limited Edition Steiff bears and collectable pieces.

Steiff Swarovski EditionsSteiff Swarovski Editions

Swarovski Crystals are featured in these fabulous pieces by Steiff.

Steiff Miniature Bears and AnimalsSteiff Miniature Bears and Animals

In this section we have a range of Steiff Miniature Teddy bears and Animals, with some having the added benefit of being a necklace, Keyring or Pendant.

Steiff Keyrings and PendantsSteiff Keyrings and Pendants

These Assorted Keyrings and Pendants are ideal for gifts and collectors. There is always room for one more, of these little friends!

Steiff For ChildrenSteiff For Children

See the entire range of childrens teddy bears and animals by Steiff.

Steiff For BabySteiff For Baby

View the range of baby safe teddy bears and animals with the quality of the Steiff name.

Steiff AnimalsSteiff Animals

The full range of Steiff animals, domestic, wild animals, fish and birds!

Steiff Rocking AnimalsSteiff Rocking Animals

Check out these amazing pieces, featuring solid beech wooden rockers for quality and durability.

Steiff Personalised BearsSteiff Personalised Bears

A wonderful gift for the birth of a child or the celebration of a marriage. Steiff Personalised Teddy Bears presented by Ashby Bears.

Steiff Famous CharactersSteiff Famous Characters

Mickey and Minney Mouse, the Snowman, the Snow dog, Wizard of Oz characters the Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch of the west and the Cowardly Lion, Sooty, Rupert and all of their friends. Beartrix Potter characters. Check them all out here!

Steiff ClubSteiff Club

We are a Steiff Club Store, so you can join the Steiff club here!

See the Steiff club membership information here and view the special members only Steiff editions!

Steiff Catalogue & BooksSteiff Catalogue & Books

Steiff catalogue's and history reference books, all available to purchase!

Steiff PackagingSteiff Packaging

Check out the Steiff packaging and Gift Bags!

Steiff Events

Ashby Bears Steiff Event Information!

Steiff Ear Tag Information

Confused about the different coloured ear tags? Get the answers here!

Steiff HistorySteiff History
History information about this amazing company founded by Margarete Steiff!

Steiff Safety Standards

Steiff safety standards are second to none.

Read the full Steiff Purity Law.

Steiff ArchiveSteiff Archive

(Listed for reference only)

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