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Steiff History

Steiff Winter 2020 ReleasesSteiff Winter 2020 Releases

Check out this bunch of wonderful characters in the Autumn 2020 Steiff editions.

About SteiffAbout Steiff

100 years of the button in ear100 years of the button in ear

The Steiff Classic Teddy BearThe Steiff Classic Teddy Bear

View the fantastic Steiff Classic Teddy Bears

View the fantastic Steiff Classic Teddy Bears

Classic Teddy Bears from the most famous name in Teddy Bears, Steiff. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, they celebrate their 135th anniversary in 2015.

Steiff are not only famous for Teddy bears, as toys and animals have always played a big part in the Steiff company since the company began. The high quality of Steiff products still remains in all of their products, from the keyrings at just £11.99 right up to the popular classic teddy bears, animals and limited edition pieces.

View the Steiff Classic Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears | STEIFF |  Steiff History

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