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Steiff Events

Ashby Bears Steiff Weekend

We changed things around a little this year for our Steiff Event.

We held our ‘Steiff and Sandwich’ Event over a weekend.

This was a more casual affair, so that people could choose which day was convenient for them to visit. For the whole weekend, we displayed samples of the New Steiff Spring, Limited Editions, of which many were already in stock at Ashby Bears and available to purchase on the day.

Mr Roger Skinner, the National Sales Manager from Steiff was here to chat to like minded collectors and from the feedback received, everyone seemed to enjoy the informal atmosphere of the event.

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Ashby Bears Club Events

Ashby Bears Club Events

Ashby Bears Steiff Events have proven to be very popular.

Our last Steiff event saw Ian Munro and Roger Skinner from Steiff, give a superb presentation on the anniversary of the elephant button in ear, together with a full run down of all the latest releases.

Dave also gave a humerous roundup of how he and Angela got together and married 30 years ago, plus the story of how they started Ashby Bears back in 2001.

Ashby Steiff Event
Steiff Evening

Steiff Evening

Ashby Bears have occasional Steiff evenings at our showroom.

As an alternative to the formal Steiff event that we hold every year, we thought it would be good to have a casual event at our store, where keen Steiff collectors can mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our first Steiff evening went extremely well. All of the latest limited editions were on show and Roger Skinner from Steiff, was on hand to answer any questions.

Give us a call, if you wish to be added to our Steiff evening invite list and stay tuned for our next one, which will take place on a weekday evening.

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