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Steiff Teddy Bears and Animals
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Steiff Baby safe bears & Gifts

Since 1880 Steiff have been at the forefront for teddy bears and animals. Founded by Margarete Steiff, her famous saying "For our children, only the best is good enough" remains as important today, as it did over a hundred years ago. We offer the entire range of Steiff bears, animals and gifts for baby, children and adult collectors worldwide.

Steiff Classic Teddy Bears
The entire range of Classic edition Steiff bears. A Teddy bear is a comfort, a companion and a protector - and he won't complain if he is not always the first in line. Everyone loves this kind of a friend.

Steiff Classic Teddy Bears
Steiff Miniature Bears
The enormously popular range of Steiff miniature teddy bears, just gets better and better.

See the steiff bear miniatures here!

Steiff Miniature Bears

Steiff Latest 2014 Releases

All of the latest 2014 releases are all now available to pre order.

Some have already arrived in stock for immediate delivery!

Steiff Latest 2014 Releases
Steiff Limited Editions
See the full range of white tag Limited Edition Steiff bears and collectable pieces. The dream of collectors and enthusiasts - wonderful Steiff animals and Teddy bears made to old patterns, modelled on the originals in meticulous hand craftsmanship using traditional tools. Exceptional items of character, produced by fine craftsmanship and in top quality.

Steiff Limited Editions
Steiff Selection
Ashby Bears present The Steiff Selection. A range of collectable steiff bears and steiff animals using different materials to the traditional fabrics, but still hand made to the highest Steiff standards.

Steiff Selection
Steiff Teddies and Toys For Children
Steiff for Kids is an amazing range of lower priced Steiff teddies and animals, for the young and young at heart. An abundance of skills is required to make children's dreams come true and enchant Steiff enthusiasts as well. These classic steiff bears and steiff animals cannot fail to win all their hearts. They are all made with meticulous care from the softest materials and filled with high-quality synthetic stuffing. All the materials used are safe and of the highest quality. All the products have been tested and certified under the European Toy Standard.

Steiff Teddies and Toys For Children
Steiff Teddies and Soft Toys For Baby
A Steiff bear is the perfect gift for the young folk. A range of baby safe teddy bears and animals with the quality of the Steiff name.

Steiff are especially proud of The Baby Collection. Sewn by hand from the softest materials available, this fashion-forward line of products is of the absolute highest quality. It’s meticulously tested for safety to make sure it’s free of any harmful substances, allergens, and is environmentally friendly. Steiff even weave their own fabrics to guarantee quality.

Steiff Teddies and Soft Toys For Baby
Steiff Animals
The full range of Steiff animals, domestic, wild animals, fish and birds! Very true-to-life and made by hand down to the finest detail, wild animals from home regions and from far-off continents bring Nature into the home.

Steiff Animals
Steiff Keyrings
A popular item for gifts and collectors are these superb miniature bears and friends!

Steiff Keyrings

Steiff Classic Panda'sSteiff Classic Panda's
A favourite in everybody's eyes, these classic Panda Bears are hugely popular.

Steiff Famous CharactersSteiff Famous Characters
Mickey and Minney Mouse, the Snowman, the Snow dog, Wizard of Oz characters the Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch of the west and the Cowardly Lion, Sooty, Rupert and all of their friends. Beartrix Potter characters. Check them all out here!

Steiff Personalised Bears
A wonderful gift for the birth of a child or the celebration of a marriage. Steiff Personalised Teddy Bears presented by Ashby Bears. Beautiful Steiff Teddy Bears embroidered with the recipient's Name and the date of the wonderful occasion.

Steiff Personalised Bears

Steiff PackagingSteiff Packaging

Check out the Steiff packaging and Gift Bags!

Steiff Catalogue & Books

Steiff catalogue's and history reference books, all available to purchase!

Steiff Events

Ashby Bears Steiff Event Information!

Steiff Ear Tag Information

Confused about the different coloured ear tags? Get the answers here!

Join the Steiff Club

See all the Steiff club membership information here! We are a Steiff Club Store.

Steiff History

History information about this amazing company founded by Margarete Steiff!

Steiff Safety Standards

Steiff safety standards are second to none.

Read the full Steiff Purity Law.

Steiff Archive

Retired editions for reference purposes!

Bears |  STEIFF

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