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Steiff Spotty 1928 Replica 403125

Spotty 1928 Replica by Steiff 403125
Spotty 1928 Replica by Steiff 403125

Our Steiff Spotty 1928 Replica is non jointed and made of the finest spotted white mohair. This beautiful piece wears the famous underscored patinated steel Steiff button in ear and is a limited edition of only 1000 pieces worldwide.

Product details: glass eyes,wood shaving filling (just like the original), non growler, total size 17cm. Comes boxed, together with a certificate of authenticity.

Sorry, this item is now retired and sold out.

(We have displayed Spotty 1928 Replica by Steiff 403125 for historical archive reference only).

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Steiff Spotty 1928 Replica

Steiff Spotty 1928 Replica

The original Steiff Spotty, the dog with the very distinctive ring around his eye, was first introduced in 1928 and enjoyed great success in both Europe and North America. In 1922, while a Steiff Fox terrier, which was the first Steiff dog with that characteristic eyering was still in the Steiff assortment, the "Our Gang" or "Little Rascals" series of theatrical short films debuted to world-wide popularity. Interestingly, the dog in the film series was a bull terrier with a pronounced ring around its eye - just like the early Steiff Fox terrier. The film dog wasn´t born with the unique mark - it was added by Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor. Is it possible that Steiff was the inspiration for this popular film canine? We can´t know for sure, but it´s still entertaining to speculate. Regardless of the answer, Steiff´s Spotty retains a charm all his own. This precise replica captures the magic of the original for a new era. Spotty is wood stuffed, has glass eyes, he is hand painted, 17 centimetres tall and made of white tipped mohair. Nearly 100 years after his introduction, Spotty is as captivating as ever.

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Bears | STEIFF | Steiff Archive | Steiff Limited Editions Archive |  Steiff Spotty 1928 Replica 403125

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Dear David & Angela

It was lovely to meet you both at the weekend, thank you very much for ordering the amazing Queen Elizabeth bear, it will be very much treasured.

Thank you both for the drinks and biscuits, you were both very welcoming.

When we speak to you both in the future, we will be able to visualise you in your Teddy Bear and Car "paradise"

Many thanks
Ann and Dennis

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