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Deb Canham History
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Bears | DEB CANHAM |  About Deb Canham

Deb Canham Deb Canham

About Deb Canham

Deb Canham Artist Designs

Deb Canham Artist Designs

Available from Ashby Bears, The superb range of miniatures from Deb Canham Artist Designs!

All Deb's furry friends are made with the finest German mohairs. Every D.C.A.D. item comes with a hang tag stating his/ her name, the name of the collection it belongs to, its number in the edition and bears the artist's signature.

Except where specifically noted, each item on these pages is designed by Deb Canham and comes in its own quality gift box stamped with the Deb Canham Artist Designs logo.

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Bears | DEB CANHAM |  About Deb Canham

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